Anchal Choudhary

About me

Hello Friends, I am going to introduced myself with all of you. I am Anchal Choudhary from himachal Pradesh (India) .I belongs to very small village Badukhar, distt. Kangra himachal Pradesh. Although my village is small but it well known as well as very popular, not only the district but whole state.

I have done my primary education in Punjab. My Father is still working in government job in Punjab state and our family initially lives together. After years, my whole family is back home and staying permanently in village.

I have done my secondary education in himachal. After completion of secondary education, I am going to pathankot (Punjab) for further study.

My experience in collage life is out of ordinary. Lots of moments occurred during my collage life from which are some painful and some delightful. But I have learned much more about life .How to trust someone and how to help someone, it is all learn in collage. In that time, I could make new friends and he is always ready to support or help me. I am very thankful to god through which we can meet together.

If I am talking about my hobbies, my hobbies and my dream is cricket. And I want to make a successful cricketer in my life. But unfortunately I can’t get this ambition. But I always a good cricketer.

Now, after Finish my collage .The time is began to face the challenge of life. And currently I am working in IT Company (Chandigarh).At the end; I just want to say one thing that we must learn to understand the motives of human beings, their illusions, and their sufferings.







                                                                           Anchal Choudhary


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