Anchal Choudhary

The Kangra Valley

These days,i am discussing most wonderful section of himachal that is “Kangra”. Kangra is one of the biggest section of himachal in area sensible.It is a well-known vacationer place, with the high period around March and Apr. Dharamshala, the head office of Kangra section, can be found on the the southeast part of encourage of Dhauladhar in the area.

It have amounts of traditional locations and plenty of elegance.The primary fascination in kangra was the Kangra Fort.A bit difficult of find but not far from kangra primary town , the fort is a must do for the heart-stirring perspective of the dauladhar varies & the estuaries and rivers streaming below & the magnificent natural area.Any way you see the Kangra Valley is wonderful. The mixture of plants and hills is amazing.The Kangra area is of the most Beautiful and well-known valleys of the reduced Himalyas. The area, protected by the elegant Dhauladhar variety, is natural & extreme. It provides an remarkable comparison in characteristics of residents.

Many historical temple like the Jawalaji Forehead, Vajreshwari Devi temple, Chamunda Devi temple,chintapurni temple Baba Baroh, Masroor Forehead and Baijnath temple are discovered here. can also pay a trip to Gopalpur Characteristics Recreation area in Gopalpur town and can also see tea backyards there.Kangra Fort is as well as a well-known vacationer fascination, so is Mcleodganj near Dharamsala,”Bhagsunag temple” is there, and Dharamshala is also head office of the section, and now home-in-exile to the Dalai Lama.Cricket floor of dharamshala is as well as a significant fascination because of its place and awesome excellent message for gamers.

Places of interest in Kangra:

Brajeshwari Devi Temple:

Located outside the Kangra city, this forehead devoted to Brajeshwari Devi, was once loaded with a renowned lot of money in gemstones & pearl jewelry. Listening to the success of this forehead. Mahmud Ghazni plundered in the 1200’s. Feroz Tughlak clearned out the renewed lot of money hundreds of years later. Last bag was performed by Timur the boring before Mughals who followed & renewed the shrine to its wonder. Demolished in 1905 by an earth quake, it was renewed in 1920.

Masrur Rockcut Temple:

Masrur is 32 km from Kangra on Nagrota Surian link road and is famous for outstanding group of rock cut temples. They form a group of 15 monolithic rock cut temples in the Indo Aryan style and are richly carved. These richly ornamented cave temples are the only rock shrines in the northern part of India.The main shrine contains stone images of Ram laxman and Sita but the presence of the figure of Shiva in the centre of the lintel affords a powerful presumption that the temple was originally dedicated to Mahadeva.

Nagarkot Fort:

The ancient fort of Nagar Kot is another place to visit in Kangra. Although the fort is not well-kept, you can climb to the top to have a stunning view of the valley & the meeting point of the Manjhi & Baner Rivers. There’s Jain temples inside the fort as well.


Chintapurni, 80 km south of Dharamshala, & Trilokpur have famous stone temples. This place is a must while visiting Kangra temples for pilgrims & tourists similar.


Dharamsala is of the main towns of Kangra valley. It is located in the encompassment of snow clad peaks of Dhauladhar mountains about 18kms.

Nurpur Fort:

Orginally known as Dhameri, 66-km from Dharamsala & 24-km from Pathankot, Nurpur Fort was renamed by the Emperor Jahangir, son of the Great Moghul Jalal-Ud-Din Mohammad Akbar. The fort is now in its ruins, but still has some finely carved reliefs.



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