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Celebrate Republic day in School 2016 |Given Stunning Performance by Students

Like every year, Sh. Nikhleshwer Sen. Secondary School Deothi (Badukhar) Celebrated republic day 2016.There are many stage dance & social event are presented by students. Amidst all, some sweet videos clip of students performance.

Good Luck Boys & Girls…….!!! Jai Hind Jai Bharat


Himachal IS the Finest Tourist Place IN THE World

If you can make planning of holidays, what can be a better place in 1India? It is indeed the prettiest part of country.Then; Himachal is one of the lovely tourists Place. The Place of attraction not only in India but also famous globally. This part of India has brilliant charm which forces people to visit here lots of times. In this state there are so lots of places where you can visit and enjoy yourself. Himachal is Only Place in India Where the thousands of foreign and domestic travelers who come here every year.

Himachal Pradesh is home to the great Himalayas. The Himalayas are of the youngest among the mountain method in India & these ar2e believed to be 40 million years elderly. The Himalayas are also the highest mountain method in the world. This place is extraordinarily pretty with numerous snow covered mountains and thick forests. The famous places to visit in Himachal Pradesh are hill stations of, Kangra, Dalhouise, Chamba, Shimla, Kufri, Kallu Manali, Baspa Valley, Pin Valley etc.

Himachal is also famous for its Culture. Himachal Culture famous all over the world.The Culture of himachal is very ancient and tra3ditional. Numbers of temples and historical place are the evidence of this thing. Himachal is called the “Devbhumi” as it is regarded as the Land of the Gods, Land of miracle.Besides the famous cities in Himachal Pradesh, there are plenty of small towns and areas that are equally popular for their view and pleasant attractions.

There are plenty of hill stations in Himachal that deserve special acclamation. These are also the best places to enjoy Holidays. Manali is 4of the most visited hill stations in India. Located close by is Kullu famous for its Yak Safari. The Snow covered mountains of Kufri are ideal for enjoying skiing. Lahaul & Spiti are the most unexplored areas of the region that offer thrilling options for mountain adventures. Dharmasala & Mcleodganj are ideal places for those who are looking for a quiet retreat.So if you make a planning for touring or holidays then you must choose this great place.

Mini Switzerland of Himachal

Himachal is the full of stunning hill station and khajjiar is one of the dKhajjiarindiaramatic hill stations, today I am going to talking about. Khajjiar is a hill station in the Chamba district, Himachal Pradesh (INDIA), located about 24 km from Dalhousie. Khajjiar is also famous for the name of mini Switzerland.

It is also referred to as “Gulmarg” of Himachal Pradesh. The glade surrounded by Pine and Devdar forest has the charm of a lake in its midst. Khajjiar has a rare combination of ecosystems: lake, pasture & forest, all in single place. This place like is a magical glory. The lake remains filled with water in all the seasons and requires no rain water for survival.

One of the most popular places seeing in khajjiar is “Khajinag temple”. A little away from the lake is the temple. This temple is also called the Golden Devi temple, as it is decorated with a golden dome and spire. Pilgrims visiting the Chamba vallKhajjiar5ey often come to this temple.

The climate of Khajjiar is alpine summers (April-June) are mild & winters (November-February) are icy & bitter. In winter, the temperature drops around freezing point with snowfall & heavy woolens are necessary. In summer, the climate is mild & light woolens / cottons are recommended. March to June is the finest time to vacation this India’s Switzerland or Mini Switzerland.

The Ancient Shiv Mandir(Temple) In Kathgarh

Dev Bhoomi Himachal- the land of lords has a quantity of the rarest & elderly temples which have their references in the history books. This time we are talking about of such rare & only temple in the world. Lord Shiva temple at ‘Kathgarh’ (Indora, Kangra). The Kathgarh Temple, Indora is one of the very legendary temple in Himachal Pardesh.The temple has a large ‘Shivaling’, which is vertically split in parts. The distance between parts keeps increasing & decreasing from time to time. The larger portion is worshiped as Lord Shiva & second as his better half, ‘Parvati’.

According to of the myths, one time God ‘Vishnu’ & Lord ‘Brahma’ got dissipated in a battle to choose supremacy. To cease the warring Gods Lord ‘Shiva’ intervened in the appearance of a fire pillar & made the warring Gods cease the battle. The sizable â Shivaling at ‘Kathgarh’ is believed to be the same fire pillar.

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How To Reach Kathgarh temple:-

There are different approaches to the temple – is from Indora, near Pathankot, and other from Mirthal village on the Pathankot-Jalandhar highway. From ‘Mirthal village, Kathgarh is about four km. If you are planning to drive from Delhi, you ought to go by Hoshiarpur, Mukerian and then take the small link road to Indora from Nangal bhoor.

Dharamsala:A Place of Beauty

  I am going to talking about eminent hill station that is Dharamshala. Dharamsala stands at the foot of Dhauladhar & has a magnificent view of snowy peaks, pine forests, tea gardens,water fall, & hills.Dharamsala is basically available from Delhi, Chandigarh, & Punjab& from other important places of Himachal.

Dharamsala offers some very pretty place to explore around that is War Memorial, Mcleodganj, Bhagsunag Fall, St. John’s Church in the wilderness, Dharamkot, Triund, and cricket stadium . All these places greets the tourists with refreshing winds and offer a memorable experience.

Its main attraction is the sequestered upper part of town, McLeod Ganj. Here, 9 km (6 mi) uphill through the Indian Army cantonment, is the Tibetan Government in Exile & the home of the Dalai Lama, Gyatso, & a complete Tibetan community.

Places to be visited :

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McLeod Ganj: Bhagsu Waterfall:DharamsalaWarMemorial

Bhagsunag Falls is a magnificent sight because it needs a small bit of hard work to reach the place.On the way to the falls are pretty stones that outline a valley that one time might have been the connecting river. Possibly it dries in March – April and the river waits for rainy season.

Cricket Stadium:

The splendid snow capped Dhauladhar mountains form ancricket stadium brilliant scenic backdrop to the Dharamshala Cricket Stadium. Another impressive feature is its openness and small-sized stands, which permit for winds to sweep across, giving quick bowlers assistance in the air. The venue is the first in India to make use of winter rye grass scattered around the outfield, which prevents the grass from decease when temperatures fall below ten degrees.

War Memorial:

The memorial is surrounded by attractive gardens and a paWarMemorialth with numerous pine trees leading to the memorial. War Memorial is adorning the way in to the great elderly holy city of Dharamsala. Memorial is placed in an ideal place of peace, amidst the plush green pine trees to pay tribute to Great War heroes from Himachal Pradesh in the Post-Independence Period.

Himachal the most pretty places in the world

Himachal is of the prettiest places on the earth. There’s number of areas in Himachal which are weird pretty & this beauty is not limited to the known hill stations of Himachal. A tour to Himachal Pradesh not only comprises the serene beauty of the place but the state is among the best places in the world to enjoy adventure sports.

Himachal Pradesh  has world  legendary  hill station  like  Shimla,Kullu,Manali,Palampur, Dalhoussie, Dharmshala, Solan, Kangra Valley etc  that are visited by  numbers of travelers from across the Worlds.

In Last month I have also made a trip with my friend’s .Really, it was the great time. We were went to bharmour that are in chamba district in Himachal.The beauty of this place is countless.Honestly,I  have no words to explain the attractiveness of  this place. Below are few of the pretty snap of himachal which are taken in deep interiors & not in any known hill station.


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The Chamba

Chamba the area of master Shiva is popular for its unchanged organic charm. The section has Dalhousie, Khajjiar, Chamba City, Pangi and Bharamour as main holiday locations. There are five ponds, five outrageous life sanctuaries and many wats.

Chamba, is a small but eye-catching vacationer location of Himachal Pradesh, is known for its beautiful organic charm. The position, situated among stunning and green valleys, is frequented by vacationer throughout the year. Sub-Himalayan range of hills, full of different plants, make Chamba an exciting experience. Attractive environment of the position is another factor why Chamba is one among the popular holiday locations in the whole of Indian. In the following collections, we will provide you more information on the elements and environment of Chamba.

Chamba is the only condition in south Indian to retain a well-documented record from circa 500 A.D. Its high hill varies have given it a protected place and assisted in protecting its hundreds of years of age artefacts and several identities. The wats constructed by rajas of Chamba more than a million years age keep be under praise and the area grant-deeds implemented on birdwatcher clothing by them keep be legitimate under the law.Chamba is the northwestern section of Himachal Pradesh, in Indian, with its head office in Chamba city. The areas of Dalhousie and Khajjhiar are well-known hill programs and holiday destinations for the people from the flatlands of south Indian.

Places of Interest in Chamba district:


Dalhousie is the well-known town of Chamba place. It is well-known in al over Himachal Pradesh. It is the small well-known hill place of Himachal Pradesh. It is founded a town in 1854 and its defends the place of 14 rectangular shape kilometers. It is in the level of 6000 to 9000 feet above sea level. The the best possible visitor interval of Dalhousie is May to september. Dalhousie is the gate way of Chamba place. It is situated in Pangi place. There are 84 traditional wats situated in Dalhousie. The planet of the Dalhousie is very effective during winter interval climate. The warm variety came out to freezing point in winter several weeks interval climate.


Banikhet is one of the most beautiful places of Himachal Pradesh. Banikhet is located in seven kilometers from Dalhousie. It is a small town. Banikhet is situated in Dhauladhars range at the altitude of 5980 feet from sea level. Nag temple is the famous temple of Banikhet which is located in Padhar Maidan. The Nag temple is also known as small stadium. This Nag temple is 150 years old. There is a hydro project in Banikhet. It is located in the center of between Pathankot to Chamba.


Khajjiar is often reffered to as “Gulmarg of Himachal Pradesh”. The lush green meadows are surrounded by thick pine and cedar forests. Grazing herds of sheep, goats and other milch cattle present a prefect pastoral scenery. There is a small lake in the center of the saucer shaped meadow which has in it a floating island. Much of the lake has degenerated into slush because of heavy silting during rains. Still the landscape of Khajjiar is picturesque and a photographer’s delight.Going from Dalhousie to Khajjiar is a soothing experience as you drive through the beautiful Bakrota Hills. As you keep on going, after some time, you enter the ‘Kalatop Khajjiar Sanctuary’ and you also see the beautiful ‘Lakkar Mandi’. The whole journey is enjoyable because the road leads you through the magnificent ‘Deodar’ forests.


The Chaugan is the nucleus of all action in Chamba, enclosed by amazing management structures and a purchasing video arcade designed during the English interval, with the old Akhand Chandi structure status close by. It has a terraced lawn natural, and is extremely large for a mountain place, calculating 800 meters (2,600 ft) duration and 80 meters (260 ft) size. In 1890, the English transformed five small chaugans into 1 chaugan for use as an esplanade and activities complicated, and these days it is regularly used for cricket suits, a picnic and promenades during the mid summer time time. During the yearly ‘Minjar Mela’ reasonable, the whole floor becomes a flea market. After the Dussera celebration, the argument are shut to the community until Apr, for servicing requirements.


The Kangra Valley

These days,i am discussing most wonderful section of himachal that is “Kangra”. Kangra is one of the biggest section of himachal in area sensible.It is a well-known vacationer place, with the high period around March and Apr. Dharamshala, the head office of Kangra section, can be found on the the southeast part of encourage of Dhauladhar in the area.

It have amounts of traditional locations and plenty of elegance.The primary fascination in kangra was the Kangra Fort.A bit difficult of find but not far from kangra primary town , the fort is a must do for the heart-stirring perspective of the dauladhar varies & the estuaries and rivers streaming below & the magnificent natural area.Any way you see the Kangra Valley is wonderful. The mixture of plants and hills is amazing.The Kangra area is of the most Beautiful and well-known valleys of the reduced Himalyas. The area, protected by the elegant Dhauladhar variety, is natural & extreme. It provides an remarkable comparison in characteristics of residents.

Many historical temple like the Jawalaji Forehead, Vajreshwari Devi temple, Chamunda Devi temple,chintapurni temple Baba Baroh, Masroor Forehead and Baijnath temple are discovered here. can also pay a trip to Gopalpur Characteristics Recreation area in Gopalpur town and can also see tea backyards there.Kangra Fort is as well as a well-known vacationer fascination, so is Mcleodganj near Dharamsala,”Bhagsunag temple” is there, and Dharamshala is also head office of the section, and now home-in-exile to the Dalai Lama.Cricket floor of dharamshala is as well as a significant fascination because of its place and awesome excellent message for gamers.

Places of interest in Kangra:

Brajeshwari Devi Temple:

Located outside the Kangra city, this forehead devoted to Brajeshwari Devi, was once loaded with a renowned lot of money in gemstones & pearl jewelry. Listening to the success of this forehead. Mahmud Ghazni plundered in the 1200’s. Feroz Tughlak clearned out the renewed lot of money hundreds of years later. Last bag was performed by Timur the boring before Mughals who followed & renewed the shrine to its wonder. Demolished in 1905 by an earth quake, it was renewed in 1920.

Masrur Rockcut Temple:

Masrur is 32 km from Kangra on Nagrota Surian link road and is famous for outstanding group of rock cut temples. They form a group of 15 monolithic rock cut temples in the Indo Aryan style and are richly carved. These richly ornamented cave temples are the only rock shrines in the northern part of India.The main shrine contains stone images of Ram laxman and Sita but the presence of the figure of Shiva in the centre of the lintel affords a powerful presumption that the temple was originally dedicated to Mahadeva.

Nagarkot Fort:

The ancient fort of Nagar Kot is another place to visit in Kangra. Although the fort is not well-kept, you can climb to the top to have a stunning view of the valley & the meeting point of the Manjhi & Baner Rivers. There’s Jain temples inside the fort as well.


Chintapurni, 80 km south of Dharamshala, & Trilokpur have famous stone temples. This place is a must while visiting Kangra temples for pilgrims & tourists similar.


Dharamsala is of the main towns of Kangra valley. It is located in the encompassment of snow clad peaks of Dhauladhar mountains about 18kms.

Nurpur Fort:

Orginally known as Dhameri, 66-km from Dharamsala & 24-km from Pathankot, Nurpur Fort was renamed by the Emperor Jahangir, son of the Great Moghul Jalal-Ud-Din Mohammad Akbar. The fort is now in its ruins, but still has some finely carved reliefs.


Dev Bhumi Himachal

Himachal the name of Beauty. It is the Land of Miracles, the one words that describe all Himachal that is Dev Bhumi.Dev Bhumi,means the land of god. The God had given great gift of natural beauty for us. Himachal is the full of natural thing and it is also famous for its culture. There are number of places where you seen the pattern of natural beauty. if we talk about that where is the way there we can find the god then I just want to say one thing that,himachal is the only land where god can stay.

 Himachal Pradesh is a state in Northern India. It is situated in the western Himalayas. It is spread over 55,673 kilometers and is bordered by the Indian states of Jammu and Kashmir on the north, Punjab on the west and south-west, Haryana and Uttar Pradesh on the south, Uttarakhand on the southeast and by the Tibet Autonomous Region on the east. Himachal Pradesh is divided in to 12 districts namely, Kangra, Hamirpur, Mandi, Bilaspur, Una, Chamba, Lahul and Spiti, Sirmaur, Kinnaur, Kullu, Solan and Shimla. The state capital is Shimla. Kullu-Manali, Shimla, Dharamshala, and Mcloadganj are the prime location for travelers.